The kennel club “Turkmen iti” plans to hold an exhibition of thoroughbred dogs in Ashgabat. The main particpant at the show is a common favorite – Alabai. Also the show will present German Shepherds, Cane Corso, Doberman and many others.
The exhibition is scheduled to be organized in mid-April at the stadium “Dagdan”.
“April is the most suitable month when the rains of March will pass, and before the spring moult, the dogs will have enough time,” explains the club’s director Vepa Darganaev. – This month, both Alabai and other dogs will appear before the public in all their glory.
The club “Turkmen iti” was founded in 1992 and made a great contribution to the establishment of international cynological standards for the breeding of the Central Asian Shepherd, as well as the preservation of its pristine appearance and behavioral qualities in the territory of our country.
For many centuries, the Turkmen people worked out the most complicated method of breeding and bringing up the Alabai dogs. Continuity of unique traditions and careful adherence to them is the main postulate of the Club’s activities aimed at preserving this breed of dogs as one of the most intelligent, enduring and devoted to its owner.