01.11.2018. The bees became active assistants in the greenhouse erected by a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the country the «Han gala» individual enterprise on the territory of the Berkarar etrap of the Gerogly association, became. They pollinate tomatoes in a test plot. Miniature beehives were purchased in Turkey.

According to experts, the natural pollination of flowers of plants is an effective agronomic reception for obtaining high yields, as well as improving the environmental safety of vegetables, which is important in the context of export-oriented production. In the private greenhouse on five hectares of land will be grown hundreds of tons of tomatoes, including popular varieties of cherry.

During construction of the complex used modern materials with high thermal insulation properties, environmental friendliness and long service life. A computer program controls all technological processes. Modern equipment from leading European manufacturers automatically maintains the optimum temperature and light conditions, humidity levels and the process of enriching the soil with nutrients.

An end product will be tested for quality in a special laboratory before shipment to consumers. The farm is equipped with autonomous heating systems and water supply. On the territory of the complex is built a warehouse and soon will appear a dining room, an office building, a parking lot for vehicles and other infrastructure. Fruit trees are planted in the surrounding area.

Batyr URAYEV (www.turkmenistan.gov.tm)

01.11.2018. A conveyor oven for baking bakery products was put into production at the bakery of the individual enterprise «Parfiya Gurlushik» in Balkanabat, which daily supplies up to 500 kilograms of fresh and tasty products from domestic raw materials to the city’s trading network. In the near future, entrepreneurs are planning to expand the range of bakery products and start producing confectionery products.

In September of this year, the IE opened a mini-factory for the production of pasta in Balkanabat. The production is equipped with Italian equipment - a two-bunker molding machine, automated packaging line, drying cabinets and other auxiliary machinery. The company produces a thousand kilograms of top-quality products every day: several noodles of vermicelli, a variety of pasta that are in high demand among citizens. In the near future, the company store will open, where the full range of products of IP «Parfiya Gurlushik» will be presented.

Vladimir KOMAROV (www.turkmenistan.gov.tm)

The Kiyanly Gas Chemical Complex for the production of polyethylene and polypropylene that was commissioned today with the participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov will become a valuable addition to the capacities of the domestic gas chemical industry.

Only a month ago the Caspian region of the country saw the opening of the Garabogazkarbamid plant. This became an important milestone in the development of this rapidly developing industry. The annual capacity of the cutting-edge enterprise that was built together with Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation and Turkey’s Gap Inşaat is 1 million 155 thousand tons of nitrogen fertilizers that are widely used in agriculture.

Today, following the launch of yet another industrial facility, the display installed in one of the rooms at the Kiyanly Gas Chemical Complex showed the head of state how the first batch of products was shipped for export from the Garabogaz enterprise.

The convoy of powerful trucks proceeded to the Turkmenbashi International Sea Port. The carbamide will be shipped to foreign consumers via sea vessels.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Composite reinforcing bar workshop, which would be used for making of pillars of electrical networks and foundation blocks, was opened at the Ferro concrete plant in Buzmeyn etrap of the capital. Compozenergo business entity was founded by the Concern Turkmenenergostroy and Electroulgamgurlushyk business entity. Equipment for production of fibreglass reinforcement bars was procured with assistance of trade representative office of Russian Federation in Turkmenistan.

80 percent of composite reinforcement bar will be produced from local materials – the broken glass, melting which the thread of 16 microns thickness will be produced. Fibreglass tourniquet, received from weaving several threads, is soaked in epoxy and undergoes thermal treatment. Afterwards, the rod is wrapped in glass thread, which provides the connection of the rebar with concrete.

Innovative technology allows producing any size of reinforcement bars. The advantage of the material is the lightweight, high durability, chemical and corrosion resistance, low heat conductivity, low coefficient of heat expansion and dielectric feature.

The tests of concrete pillars with composite reinforcement bars for durability and flexibility proved the advantages of new material, which able to withstand the load of 500 kilogrammes. The production cost is significantly less than on the steel analog. Glass reinforcement bar increases the life of electrical pillars 2 -3 times. Soon, the workshop will have four production lines making 800 tons of material per year and satisfying the requirements.

Vladimir Komarov (www.turkmenistan.gov.tm)

The meeting with Zhyrgalbeg Sagynbayev, the chairman of the Kyrgyz Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs has taken place in the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on October, 4th.
The head of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan has acquainted his Kyrgyz colleague with achievements and long-term plans of representatives of Turkmen private business.
During a successful conversation, the parties have discussed issues of cooperation expansion, having designated its priority directions. In particular, the efficiency of cooperation in the agricultural industry taking into account the experience which has been saved up by entrepreneurs of two countries in this sphere was mentioned.
It has been stated that the Cooperation agreement opens large prospects for expansion of business partnership. This agreement was concluded between the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan and the Kyrgyz Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in August of this year.
Members of the board, heads of international and industrial departments of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, of the private enterprises engaged in the agricultural industry also have taken part in the meeting.


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