Dashoguz velayat successfully increases the volumes of agricultural production. The agrifood segment dominates the economy of this northern province of Turkmenistan.
Gujagy Gülli Sähra, a private farm from the Gurbansoltan-eje etrap of the Dashoguz velayat, grows potatoes on twenty hectares and onions on another ten hectares. The specialists of the farm expect to get at least 140 centners of potatoes and 250 centners of onions from each hectare.
The farm, headed by Zakir Rejepov, is a member of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists of Turkmenistan. Total area of the farm is 81 hectares.
Gujagy Gülli Sähra has successfully grown variety of crops on an area of 70 hectares since the beginning of its establishment two years ago. The farm has another 40 hectares of land allocated for growing wheat and cotton.
Entrepreneurs in the province are actively involved in the large-scale work on the implementation of state programs for import substitution and providing the population with high-quality domestic food. There are dozens of private farms in the region specializing in the production and processing of agricultural products.


On June 16, 2019 in the city of Dubai, UAE, the grand opening of the Turkmen handmade carpets store was held in the Al Fattan Marine Towers shopping center.
The event was attended by the Turkmen delegation consisting of the representatives of the Ministry of Textile Industry, as well as the representatives of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan headed by the Deputy Minister of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations K. Mammedov.
The Turkmen handmade carpet shop is one of the attractive places where were created opportunities to get acquainted with the wonderful Turkmen handmade carpets, which was attended by the representatives of the companies of the United Arab Emirates and numerous guests.
During the event, one of the solemn moments was the professional performance of Turkmen musicians playing national music and the fashion show, the images of which were prepared by Turkmen designers.
This event once again confirmed the effectiveness of cultural and trade relations between Turkmenistan and the United Arab Emirates.


Almost 2,000 tons of water emulsion paint for decorative works is planned to be produced this year by Merjen Ay private company. Entrepreneur Yakub Ishanov was one of the first in the country who started the production of demanded construction material eight years ago. Now, this is one of the leading companies in this segment of market.
First, the facility has arranged the production for interior finishing works and later, the production of water based acrylic and silicon paints for facades of buildings, finishing of walls and ceilings.
Today, production line of Merjen Ay, which successfully replaces more expensive import analogues, is required by construction companies and organizations. The facility, which is located in Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal Velayat, prepares to produce enamel paints for wood and metal constructions. It will have equipment for production of four colours of pain for protection of items from corrosion and extension of operational period.


New production of famous MONA brand in the sphere of hygienic commodities and household chemicals will supplement the trade network of the country. entrepreneur M. Orazov plans to develop the production of diapers, to expand the production of soap, washing and cleaning liquids, air fresheners, dry and wet tissues. All products meet high quality and sanitary standards. It is distinguished by tender scents close to natural.
At present time, more than 80 types of various goods are produced at the household chemicals factory, which was opened in Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal Velayat in July last year. For less than a year, the facility became one of the leaders of Turkmen market of consumer goods, which successfully competes due to optimum ratio of price and quality with foreign analogues.
From the day of its opening, the facility was oriented to multiprofile production. For this purpose, it was provided with moulding and packing unites from famous companies, which allowed arranging the production of three-layered toilet and tissue paper including 14 types of wet towels as well as liquid soap, house chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics.
Equipment for production of five types of toilet and laundry soap has been commissioned last March. For few months, the entrepreneurs delivered around 200,000 packs of this product to whopping network. Liquid soap, air fresheners produced in plastic bottles are invariably on high demand. In addition, the production of various shampoos has been arranged. As for today, the MONA is the only producer of shower gels and clothe conditioners in the country.
The entrepreneurs plan not only to saturate local market but also to arrange the export of production.


Türkmen şöhle Company, the biggest manufacturer of plastic items in the country, is planning to expand the line of production. Technical and technological base of the facility was supplemented with two new moulding units, which would increase the production of disposable plastic items for packing of food like cakes, ice-cream, cookies, mayonnaise twice already in May. Famous in the country manufacturers of food like Kenek, Nur and Elin ordered this production.
Production of Styrofoam polyethylene substrate under laminate will be produced at the facility for the first time in the country. extruder with output capacity of 10 tons of production per day, designated for production of polyethylene film with 2 – 10 meters width and 150 – 300 microns thickness, is installed in new workshop. The material will be used for construction of hothouses.
At the same time, the shop for entire variety of plastic production of Türkmen şöhle is under construction at the territory of the plant.

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