Members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan conduct continuous work on recycling. For the processing of used plastic, paper, polyethylene, rubber, and wood products, they organized the operation of small enterprises.
Dana dünýä and Sapa - Wepa from Lebap velayat, Sabyrly ussat from Dashoguz velayat, Eşretli kenar and Ak hünji from Mary velayat are among the companies that process waste materials and make consumer products from them.
The individual enterprise Hindiwar from Ahal velayat and the Kökçi economic society from Lebap velayat started the production of auto batteries by recycling old ones.

Google Translate's instant camera feature will now make translating a foreign street sign as easy as aiming your phone - even if your native language isn't English, Engadget reports.
The company today unveiled a set of new updates to its translation tool, including the ability for instant camera to translate between any of more than one hundred languages supported by Google Translate. In other words, English no longer needs to be one of the languages used. This means users can translate from Bengali to French, or from Catalan to Polish or many other combinations.
All told, there are 60 new languages in its list of supported languages for instant camera, including Arabic, Hindi, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese. This adds up to a grand total of 88 languages users can translate from by pointing their camera's lens at the text. From these 88 source languages, users can translate into more than 100 different output languages.
In addition to the instant camera, Google Translate can translate using voice, handwritten or typed text and images.

About 12,000 tons of potato have been harvested in the Dashoguz Velayat as of today that is almost a quarter of the annual target. The leader on potato production in the region - Gurbansoltan-eje Etrap is planning to harvest 12,600 tons of potato and thus, exceed the last year's figures by 3,000 tons.
Agricultural workers in S.A. Niyazov Etrap are planning to produce 10,000 tons of potato from 700 hectares. Altogether, it is planned to receive 47,600 tons of potato, an average of 140 centners from each of 3,400 hectares, sown with potato.
At the same time, onion harvesting campaign continues in the velayat. Over 3,000 tons or about 20 percent of the annual target have been already harvested.
Significantly contributing to the implementation of the state programmes to saturate the domestic market with high-quality food products of local production, Dashoguz Velayat stands as the largest supplier of various types of fruits and vegetables in the country. The components of success in the development of the agri-food segment are the optimal combination of traditional technologies of cultivation and the best world practices, modernization of the agro-industrial complex, the efficient use of land and water, a set of financial and economic incentives, and the formation of an agriculture cluster.

There are over 100 species of fish in Caspian Sea. The most commons are beluga, bream, carp, ram, herring, mullet, pike, zander, perch, carp and sprat.
Sturgeon fish is the most important value of the Caspian sea. 20 percent of the world reserves of sturgeon, also called “red fish”, live in this sea, which is the world's largest inland body of water.
The complex of the Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) Hazar Balyk was put into operation in Turkmenbashi etrap of Balkan velayat on September 7, 2015. The complex works to increase the volume and range of high-quality fish products to fully saturate the domestic market.
OJSC Hazar Balyk is a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

The resolution of the President of Turkmenistan on the creation of a special land fund for agricultural purposes, adopted in September last year at the Halk Maslahaty (People's Council), provided a huge business opportunities for entrepreneurs from the private sector.
In accordance with the established procedure, Batly Gadam individual enterprise in Balkan velayat was allocated land for long-term use in the Serdar etrap for cultivation of crops included in the state order in 2019. Cultivation of raw cotton and its processing on the spot offers a huge economic benefit to the new enterprise, which was established in the city of Balkanabat in 2018.

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