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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan

Chamber of Commerce and industry of Turkmenistan was established in order to promote the development of the economy of Turkmenistan, its integration into the world economic system, the formation of a modern industrial, financial and trade infrastructure, create favorable conditions for business, and assist in establishing trade, economic, scientific and technical ties with foreign partners.

Promoting the export of domestic goods and services to foreign markets is a priority task of the CCI of Turkmenistan. We provide practical support to manufacturers and exporters of goods and services in their activities in foreign markets. First of all, it is providing high-quality services not only to domestic but also foreign entrepreneurs, including such services as:

  • issuance of expert Reports and certificates of origin of goods ST-1,
  • organoleptic examination,
  • registration of customs declarations,
  • issuance of a certificate of consultation to confirm the degree of depreciation of material assets,
  • issuance of conclusions confirming the circumstances of force majeure,
  • translation services from foreign languages,
  • certification of translations with the seal of the CCI of Turkmenistan,
  • organizing and conducting business events of any format (seminars, conferences, etc.)

Chamber of Commerce and industry of Turkmenistan provides assistance in opening representative offices, private companies, joint ventures, advising on the registration and liquidation of business entities of any organizational and legal form, provides services for conducting marketing research, and conducts expertise of contracts, agreements and contracts.

International cooperation:

Based on agreements and memoranda of cooperation, the CCI of Turkmenistan maintains bilateral relations with many foreign chambers of Commerce and industry and associations.

Main areas of work:

Promoting the integration of Turkmen business into the system of world economic relations.

  • Support for export of Turkmen producers of goods and services
  • Development of multilateral and bilateral cooperation
  • Organization of business missions
  • The involvement of foreign business in Turkmenistan

International exhibitions, fairs and conferences held on a regular basis contribute to this in many ways.

Exhibition, Fair and Congress activities of the CCI of Turkmenistan:

Development of exhibition, fair and Congress activity is one of the incentives for further economic development tool in business communication partners (contractors), suppliers, producers of goods, works and services, exchange of experiences, fostering a positive and supportive business presentation about Turkmenistan, having high industrial and intellectual potential.

Chamber of Commerce and industry of Turkmenistan is the coordinator of international Congress and exhibition events in Turkmenistan and abroad. To conduct them at a high international level, the CCI of Turkmenistan has all the necessary infrastructure that meets international standards.