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19.03.2018. An exhibition of works by Turkmen artists dedicated to the International Novruz Day launched in the Museum of Fine Arts. The springtime is a white and pink robe of fruit trees, a cloudless blue of the sky and rains, and at the same time the awakening of life, youth, and a populous cheerful feast with music and dancing.

The exhibition was opened by the well-known work of the People's Artist of Turkmenistan Ayhan Hadzhiev "Bahar", which is a textbook of a young beautiful girl, sitting on a painted Turkmen felt pad. The word "Bahar" is translated from the Turkmen language as "spring". This is the name of the girl in this case, who is perceived in Novruz in a special way, as is her bright appearance.

Thematically, the famous tapestry of Aman Ataev "Spring" has this work in common whose heroine embodies tenderness, beauty and harmony.

The exhibition presents an interesting landscape by Ivan Myagkov "Noon". The artist emphasized the multilevel plot on the canvas. The strip of the sky and the tops of the mountains is from above, then a strip of highway along which the buses move, the next strip with the plantings of a thick mulberry tree, and below, where Ivan Myagkov with the easel was probably - plowed soil, moisture.

18.03.2018. The exhibition and conference of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Union completed in Ashgabat.

The forum not only reflected the achievements of the national entrepreneurship in various sectors of the agro-industrial complex, but also promoted the products manufactured and services offered by individual enterprises in the national and foreign markets, as well as identified the most important areas for building up the investment and innovative processes in the Turkmen business.

In the framework of the exhibition, the representatives of the business circles of our country and a number of foreign countries, as well as the diplomatic corps accredited in Turkmenistan took part in the forum.

The participants of the exhibition received the diplomas and certificates during the closing ceremony.

Those speaking at the ceremony underlined the importance of the documents, signed by the President of Turkmenistan during the meeting with entrepreneurs. Among them are the document on the establishment of the fund to support the small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the State Programme for the Support of the Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurship in Turkmenistan for 2018-2024. It was noted that this programme, which is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the national economy and the export potential of the country, strengthening its food independence, as well as encouraging the production, innovation and investment activity of the private sector, specified the key tasks on the social and economic development of the country.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan.
Photo: Yuri SHKURIN

17.03.2018. The capital held ceremonial opening of the anniversary exhibition and conference of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Large review was traditionally timed to the day of the foundation of this big non-governmental organization that observes its 10th anniversary.

The members of the Government, leaders and deputies of the Mejlis, representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Turkmenistan, branch ministries and departments, non-governmental organizations, universities and mass media took part in the ceremonial opening of the exhibition that was organized by the UIET together with the Trade and Industrial Chamber.

The message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which expressed the confidence that current exhibition and conference would be very important under the realization of huge potential on the level of modern requirements by Turkmen entrepreneurs, have been read out to the participants.

The visitors of the exhibition started looking around the exposition from the medieval artefacts discovered by the archaeologists during the excavations sponsored by the UIET at unique historical and architectural monument, Shahr-Islam settlement, which used to be the centre of trade and the part of the system of caravan routes of the Silk Road. After, they moved to the central exhibition ground dedicated to international rally Amul – Hazar 2018.

15.03.2018. The Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Turkmenistan is ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its foundation. Vice-premier, the Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov informed on the reparation of celebration events during the session of the Government.

He highlighted that signing of relative Resolution by the President of Turkmenistan made the basis of national diplomacy school. For the past years, the University trained 410 qualified specialists in different directions, who work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic missions and consulates of our country abroad, other branch structures and mass media.

Based on the Resolutions of the President of Turkmenistan, the training centre for training of administration and technical personnel for national diplomatic service and Scientific and Methodological centre for the Goals of Sustainable Development have been opened under the Institute of International Relations in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Training TV studio provided with modern equipment works since 2015 at the faculty of international journalism.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov underlines in his address that the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs that was established on March 17, 2008 and has united over 20,000 members today, has become a large public organization that vigorously supports entrepreneurial initiatives.

The exhibition of entrepreneurs and industrialists of the country as well as the conference of the Union members, held on the occasion of this significant date, will clearly demonstrate the significant role of the private sector of the national economy that is widely supported by the government in the innovative development of the domestic economy through the diversification and harmonious growth of all industries and regions of the country, the creation of modern import-substituting industries and strengthening the export potential of our state.

Having set ourselves the task of using all available opportunities to ensure the sustainable development of the national economy, we focus all our activities to achieve the main goal - guarantee the prosperous life for the Turkmen people, and raise the social and living conditions.

The government pays particular attention to speeding up the process on the transition to market relations, in particular, to the intensive development of the non-state sector of the economy. Joint ventures and joint-stock companies are established, the work of stock exchanges and stock market is developed.

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