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The annual 38th International Tourism Exhibition (FITUR 2018) is held in Spanish Madrid from 17 to 21 January.
Being one of the largest tourist events, FITUR has gathered many organizations from various countries specializing in tourist business.
The Turkmen tourist agency “Owadan syýahat” also takes part in this significant event. This year it presents at the exhibition the project “Silk Road destinations”, within the framework of which tours on the historical route of the Great Silk Road are offered. In particular, in our country’s territory tourists will be able to visit sites that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: Nisa, Merv and Kunyaurgench.
Also “Owadan syýahat” suggests combined tours to the countries of Central Asia in the places where the Great Silk Road passed.
According to the agency’s staffs, foreign partners demonstrate great interest to this project. In 2017, “Owadan syýahat” received more than 3 thousand tourists who arrived in Turkmenistan, most of them are representatives of European countries. So, there is reason to believe that in 2018 this figure will increase.
In early January, the private tourist company performed at the tourist fair in Amsterdam with the project “Turkmenistan”, and in March this year it will be among the participants of one of the biggest tourist exhibitions in the world – ITB Berlin.


Traditional Asian Textiles Exhibition has started on Wednesday, 17 January, in Sadu House museum and cultural center in Kuwait city. The event showcases the pri¬vate col¬lec¬tion of Jasleen Dhamija, famous Indian textile art historian and crafts expert.
Ms Dhamija’s impressive collection, created during over 60 years, includes a dozens of masterpieces, belonging to the art heritage of her own country, as well as Iraq, Baluchistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Turkey.
One of the exhibits is the Turkmen female head-dress “chyrpy”, purchased by Jasleen in 1970s in Tehran. Traditionally, chirpy are sewn from silk fabrics of “keteni” of white, yellow, dark-red color and richly ornamented with embroidery in the form of flowers – lotuses, tulips, geometric figures, as well as animals and household items. Sleeves and hem of this robe is decorated with fringe. Nowadays, the robes of “kurte” and “chyrpy” are especially popular among brides and fashion-followers.

The kennel club “Turkmen iti” plans to hold an exhibition of thoroughbred dogs in Ashgabat. The main particpant at the show is a common favorite – Alabai. Also the show will present German Shepherds, Cane Corso, Doberman and many others.
The exhibition is scheduled to be organized in mid-April at the stadium “Dagdan”.
“April is the most suitable month when the rains of March will pass, and before the spring moult, the dogs will have enough time,” explains the club’s director Vepa Darganaev. – This month, both Alabai and other dogs will appear before the public in all their glory.
The club “Turkmen iti” was founded in 1992 and made a great contribution to the establishment of international cynological standards for the breeding of the Central Asian Shepherd, as well as the preservation of its pristine appearance and behavioral qualities in the territory of our country.
For many centuries, the Turkmen people worked out the most complicated method of breeding and bringing up the Alabai dogs. Continuity of unique traditions and careful adherence to them is the main postulate of the Club’s activities aimed at preserving this breed of dogs as one of the most intelligent, enduring and devoted to its owner.


12.01.2018. Turkmenistan is preparing for the EXPO-2020 Universal Exposition that will be held in Dubai, UAE. As reported by Vice-Premier, O.Gurbannazarov, at the Cabinet session, the Turkmen side has engaged with the EXPO-2020 Organizational Committee to prepare the national exposition to be presented at the global expo that will take place from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021 under the slogan “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.
In this regard, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has noted that participating in the EXPO will be a good opportunity to demonstrate to the global community Turkmenistan’s recent achievements; to present targeted development programs for various economic sectors and make the richest cultural heritage of the Turkmen people better known globally; as well as to deliver our technology, research and developments, goods and services to the foreign markets. “EXPO-2020 will serve as an effective platform to acquire new contacts, exchange expertise in various fields, expand the geographic diversity of the mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners”, stressed the head of state.


Carpets from Central Asia and Middle East, dated back to the 19th and 20th centuries, have been exhibited at ancient rug exhibition in Kolkata, reports Press Trust of India.
The 10-day exhibition-fair started on 29 December at the Harrington Art Gallery, at the center of the city. The event features rugs, mats and runners from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Dagestan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and various Kurdish enclaves. The carpets are a testimony of the fine work and years of labour that went into its making, said Collector Danny Mehra. He represented 90 carpet at the show.
The exhibit present the carpet-making traditions of ethnic groups such as Qashqai, Luri, Bakhtiari, Khamseh, Afshar, Shahsavan, Turkic and Baluch, he said. According to Mehra, most of the valuable rugs were bought through dealers, other collectors or through auctions in Austria, Germany, USA and Great Britain.
Danny Mehra has a huge carpet collection, located in Bengaluru studio. All of them were collected all around the globe. His collection stock is enough to cover an entire football ground. The collector plans to set up a small private museum in future.


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