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24.05.2017. Current universal review will be the ground for demonstration of the achievements of our capital in urban planning sphere, the potential of its further development and definition of priority directions of cooperation, - the Head of the State mentions in his message.

This specialized exhibition reflects the spread of reforms in the country, which are embodied in the image of Turkmen capital that considerably expanded its borders for new etraps, living estates, industrial and park zones.

Beautiful buildings and architectural ensembles were built according to the most of projects presented at this exhibition. They have become the decoration of Turkmen capital, which is listed in the Guinness World Record Book as a city with the highest concentration of white marble buildings.

New industrial, social, cultural, educational, scientific, medical and sport facilities, modern living houses, which are being built in Ashgabat, do not only make the main city of the country to be more attractive but also serve to improvement of social and living condition of the people, provision of wide spectrum of high quality social services, - the message says.

Due to V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in our capital in autumn, the expositions reflecting the preparation to this large sport event rise special interest.

Under complex urban planning programme that is implemented in the capital, it is planned to make Ashgabat as one of the most beautiful and comfort cities in the world. The activity undertaken in this direction will be comprehensively demonstrated in specialized exhibition held in Turkmen capital, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted.

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Having announced the agenda, President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov listened to the detailed reports of the leaders of security departments who informed him on the fulfilment of previous assignments.

First, the floor was given to Secretary of the State Security Council, Minister of Defence Ya. Berdiyev who reported on the progress of military reform aimed at consolidation of the power of national army, increase of defensive capabilities of the country and further improvement of the activity of military and law enforcement agencies.

Having noted that consolidation of all kind of the Armed Forces of the country, establishment of favourable conditions for service, improvement of social and living conditions of military personnel and their families are the key provisions of large-scale reform in military sphere, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that the Government would continue paying utmost attention to improvement of national army that is a reliable protection of peaceful and prosperous life of our people, state sovereignty and security of Turkmenistan.

After, the Head of the State Border Guard Service B. Gundogdiyev reported on the situation on the state border of Turkmenistan.

Highlighting exclusive importance of protection of water and land border, the Supreme Commander noted that support of the status of State Border of Turkmenistan as a border of peace and friendship is one of the most responsible missions of the personnel of the Service. In this relation, the Leader of the Nation mentioned that measures for further improvement of the Service activity and for modernization of its facilities and equipment base have to be systematic.

04.05.2017. Today Ashgabat has hosted a Turkmen-Palestinian business forum, which took the form of an interested exchange of opinions on the potential and prospects of bilateral cooperation. Members of the delegation led by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine Mazen Shamiya were among those attending the meeting.
During the meeting, representatives of the Turkmen and Palestinian delegations made speeches on the state of the national economies and prospects for partnership. Stressing the interest in full-scale cooperation with Turkmenistan, heads of Palestinian companies declared their intention to take active part in investment projects.
Special emphasis was placed on cooperation in the banking sector. The forum participants also noted that the ongoing fundamental reforms in Turkmenistan, including in the legislative sphere, and making new laws that grant privileges and state guarantees to foreign businessmen add considerable impetus to the effective collaboration.
Healthcare and the medical industry were identified as a key area of Turkmen-Palestinian cooperation.

02.05.2017. Traditionally organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), an International Exhibition of household items has opened in Ashgabat. Its thematic areas reflect the level and implementation progress of the national projects, which are aimed at import substitution and growth in exports, and present a wide range of household goods produced by our country’s state enterprises.

Today, scores of local enterprises are working successfully in the field with the application of state-of-the-art technologies and solutions. Established in 2016, a sectoral cluster, which includes 18 private enterprises, is practically in full operation in Ak Bugdai etrap, Akhal velayat. Price competitiveness and capability to produce specifically tailored products fitting with consumer’s preference gives a great advantage over foreign rivals.

Entrepreneurs are constantly searching for new materials in furniture business. An exhibition stand of “Şahym-Şa” Economic Association, specializing in polypropylene pipe and metal shapes production, displays decorative metalwork and wrought iron items – chairs, armchairs, tables and charcoal grills.

Thanks to ties with foreign partners, domestic consumers have an opportunity to choose from a vast selection of furniture, home decoration, and household textile from world leading manufacturers. All of this is presented on stands of leading Turkish, Italian, German companies, as well as of those of Turkmen distributors for the best European producers of various home decoration items.

27.04.2017. International Exhibition and Fair dedicated to the Turkmen Horse Day opened in Ashgabat. Annual branch forum gathered the representatives of dozens of companies from 30 countries.
The geography of participating countries including France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia. Czech Republic, Spain, UAE, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy and Spain, which are famous by their equestrian traditions, expands every year. Equestrian sport and tourism is actively developed in China, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Latvia and Mongolia. Turkmenistan, as a country that brought up and carefully preserved famous horse breed, the ahalteke and as a country that actively integrate into the world’s equestrian community, occupies deserving place in this rank.
Large exposition is expanded in the exhibition hall of the Trade and Industrial Chamber of Turkmenistan representing all areas of horse breeding and equestrian sport, historical experience and modern practice in this sphere, its trends and perspectives for international scientific, business and professional cooperation.
The ministries and departments of our country as well as largest museums of the capital and Turkmen entrepreneurs opened their displays and pavilions. The central part of the exposition was allocated for the displays of foreign participants representing equestrian associations and clubs, specialized construction and exhibition companies, manufacturers of the equipment and production for horse-breeding, training facilities and sport organizations, veterinary clinics, advertisement agencies, art and photo studios.

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