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24.05.2018. IX International Gas Congress that outlined new vectors of development of interstate cooperation in gas sphere and supporting the coordination of joint future plans finished its work in Avaza National tourist zone. As it was informed this year, the State Concern Turkmengaz and Dutch KHB Holland Company were the organizer of this large specialized forum.

Having gathered more than 400 participants including representatives of government organizations, oil and gas companies, profile scientific and research institutes, high educational facilities, leading news agencies from more than 30 countries, Turkmenistan again proved its status of international discussion ground. Issues of diversification of export routes of energy supplies, investments, development of national and regional gas export infrastructure, training of qualified professional personnel were the subjects of the discussion.

High interest to the Congress was raised mainly by the fact that today, the importance of gas, comparing with other energy carriers, is steadily growing in the structure of the world hydrocarbon consumption. Therefore, the intent of leading companies to establish close cooperation with our country in gas sphere is quite obvious since modern Turkmenistan confidently declares itself as one of perspective partners among biggest suppliers of energy carriers to international markets.

24.05.2018. XVII International universal exhibition “White City Ashgabat” started its work in the capital. The exposition is organized to demonstrate the achievements, experience and perspectives in urban construction sphere, architecture and formation of urban infrastructure in modern Turkmenistan.

Organizers of the review – Ashgabat City Administration and Trade and Industrial Chamber of the country, offer wide range of subjects presenting the interest for beneficial partnership starting from construction to electrical energy, processing and light industry, design and everything that one way or another falls under the concept of urban development.

Target to innovative development via study of advanced world practice and implementation of progressive technologies is one of the components of such approach. This is the general line that defined the character of current exhibition where representatives of more than 80 national and foreign companies, profile ministries and departments of Turkmenistan as well as business circles of Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Korea, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries participate. It is necessary to mention that international forums regularly held in our country are important instrument of the increment of variety and improvement of quality of products and services in Turkmen market.

23.05.2018. IX International Turkmenistan Gas Congress started its work in Berkarar Hotel, Avaza National tourist zone. Large specialized forum traditionally held in our country for giving new impulse to the development of international partnership in energy sphere was organized by the State Concern Turkmengaz and Dutch company KHB Holland.

400 delegates including representatives of European Union, USA, UAE, Japan, China, Republic of Korea, Turkey, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, CIS and other states were the participants of IX International Turkmenistan Gas Congress. Members of the Government, heads of profile state concerns, scientific and research centres and high education institutes took part in the forum from Turkmen side.

During the sessions, representatives of structural divisions and departments of national fuel and energy complex introduced the potential of gas producing and processing industry of the country to the participants.

The speakers noted that according to the Programme of social and economic development of the country in 2018 – 2024, integrated measures are taken for diversification and consolidation of export potential of national economy and opening of new import substitutive productions into operation.

I congratulate you on the opening of XVII International universal exhibition “White City Ashgabat”, - the message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov says.

I am confident that international exhibition will present to the world the achievements in the planning of the capital, which was deservingly named as the pearl of Asia! This review will give impulse to wide study of advanced practice and further development of our beautiful capital.

As is known, the exhibition demonstrates the scale of changes expanded at present time, which were also embodied in the appearance of Ashgabat. Use of innovative practice in construction, architecture and design of new facilities, its combination with the best samples of national architecture make our capital more beautiful adding special charm to it, - the message mentions.

Today, Ashgabat turned into one of dynamically developing cities of the world. According to the General Plan of urban planning and construction, Turkmen capital considerable expanded its borders recently by construction of numerous unique beautiful high-rise buildings. They added attractiveness and uniqueness to the appearance of the main city of the country. Ashgabat is entered to the Guinness World Record Book as the city with the most number of white-marble buildings.

I would like to congratulate you on the opening of the International Gas Congress, which is now in its ninth year, in independent neutral Turkmenistan and wish you good health and success, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said in his Welcome Address to the forum participants.

As one of the world’s leading countries with the biggest hydrocarbon reserves, Turkmenistan seeks to put its abundant natural resources to work for the benefit of its people and other nations. In this context, the International Gas Congress, annually held in Turkmenistan in May, takes on overriding importance. The worthwhile efforts and progress made in the country’ fuel and energy sector over the last few years have brought deep satisfaction.

The international gas congress is seen as a highly important forum, which effectively contributes to the successful implementation of the key programs aimed at more rapid industrialization in the country and diversification of the national economy; encourages investments for the joint exploration of oil and gas fields, and boosts the production of products that are in high demand in the world markets.

Experts, participating in the 9th International Gas Congress of Turkmenistan, will discuss and exchange their opinions, among other matters, on the issues concerning the diversification of natural gas export routes, regional and global energy security, operational capability of pipelines, gas processing, and priority areas for investment in the gas chemical sector. The congress is expected to provide answers to many central questions.

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