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29.03.2018. President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the participants of the National Industrial Exposition of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Ashgabat.

“Let me congratulate you on opening of the National Industrial Exposition of the Republic of Uzbekistan that is held in Ashgabat for the first time. I am sure that the exhibition that vividly testifies to the further consolidation of the Turkmen-Uzbek relations will significantly contribute to enhancing the trade and economic cooperation and business relations between the two countries”, said the Turkmen leader in his address.

“It is symbolic that the National Industrial Exposition of the Republic of Uzbekistan is held in the year under the motto “Turkmenistan is the heart of the Great Silk Road”. Our countries, which are located at the intersection of the Great Silk Road, even in the ancient times, played an important role in establishing and rapidly developing the international trade and economic relations.

“The enhancement of the Turkmen-Uzbek cooperation proves that the trade and economic cooperation tested throughout the centuries based on the principles of friendship and fraternity has entered the qualitatively new level.

27.03.2018. Ashgabat hosted a Turkmen-Iranian business forum, timed to coincide with the official visit by President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani to Turkmenistan. Attended by representatives of the two countries’ business circles, the forum focused on identifying prospective areas of trade-economic cooperation given the national development programs and priorities of regional cooperation.

The delegation that had arrived in Ashgabat to take part in the forum included senior executives and leading specialists of government institutions, business support organizations, and 30-plus companies, producing building materials, pipes, cables, polyethylene, farm machinery, cement, plastic products as well as those operating in the textile, power, mining, pharmaceutical, trade, construction and services sectors (including utility & infrastructure, transport & logistics, and insurance companies). Among the participating companies were “Ara Bard Gharb”, “Kavoos Stone Industry Co.”, “Dor Fak Manjil”, “Bojnord Plastic”, “Baniar Polymer Petrochemical”, “Navard Louleye Ghaem”, “Kaveh Pars Mining Ind”, “Khazar Electric”, “Iran Barak”, “Traktorsazi Iran”, “Dazi Trading”, “Sirang Tejarat Iranian”, “Mambeton Payedar Shargh”, “Azar Passillo”, “Shafi Daroo Co.”, “Tejarat Sabze Roshan”, “Iran Novin Insurance”, “Torang Darya”, and others.

Attending the forum from the Turkmen side were representatives of the key ministries and agencies, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

24.03.2018. On 27 March Ashgabat will host a Turkmenistan–Iran Business Forum. The meeting to take place in the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be aimed at intensifying the partnership between business circles of the two countries. The leaders of key structures of the Iranian economy, representatives of companies working in such spheres as construction and energy; mining business; textile and medical industry; agriculture; trade; transport and logistics; engineering and insurance are expected to participate in the meeting.


24.03.2018. On 29-31 March the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan will host the exhibition of national industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The exposition will feature companies working in such spheres as tourism; mechanical engineering; energy; oil and gas; textile, typographical, chemical and mining industries; trade; transport and logistics; as well as producers of construction materials and equipment, leather goods, medical supplies and food.


19.03.2018. An exhibition of works by Turkmen artists dedicated to the International Novruz Day launched in the Museum of Fine Arts. The springtime is a white and pink robe of fruit trees, a cloudless blue of the sky and rains, and at the same time the awakening of life, youth, and a populous cheerful feast with music and dancing.

The exhibition was opened by the well-known work of the People's Artist of Turkmenistan Ayhan Hadzhiev "Bahar", which is a textbook of a young beautiful girl, sitting on a painted Turkmen felt pad. The word "Bahar" is translated from the Turkmen language as "spring". This is the name of the girl in this case, who is perceived in Novruz in a special way, as is her bright appearance.

Thematically, the famous tapestry of Aman Ataev "Spring" has this work in common whose heroine embodies tenderness, beauty and harmony.

The exhibition presents an interesting landscape by Ivan Myagkov "Noon". The artist emphasized the multilevel plot on the canvas. The strip of the sky and the tops of the mountains is from above, then a strip of highway along which the buses move, the next strip with the plantings of a thick mulberry tree, and below, where Ivan Myagkov with the easel was probably - plowed soil, moisture.

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