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09.05.2018. The thematic exposition of the Main Museum demonstrated unique photo documents, a portrait gallery of the Turkmen people - heroes of the Great Patriotic War, paintings and printed publications. White ships of front letters, military awards and binoculars, tablets, rucksacks, propaganda posters ... are priceless testimonies of those fiery days and nights, an unprecedented feat of our compatriots.

A model of the T-34 tank, donated in 1946 by Marshal Pavel Rybalko to peasant Lallik Hanov, who built a military vehicle for his army on his personal savings, and photo documents about the transfer of gold and silver jewelry to the Defense Fund by Turkmen women - evidence of a huge contribution to the Victory workers of the rear.

The thematic collection of the Museum of Fine Arts presents works by masters of the national school of painting: Yevgenia Adamova, Yulia Daneshvar, Izzat Klychev, Sergei Beglyarova and others, as well as paintings by contemporary artists and sculptural compositions that celebrate the immortal feat of the Great Patriotic War veterans and the dedication of our fellow countrymen, approaching the Victory.


01.05.2018. Exhibition “Margiana. The Kingdom of the bronze Age in Turkmenistan” continues its work in New Berlin Museum. Presented artefacts from the museum funds of our country are demonstrated for the first time abroad.

Although it has been only few days since the opening of the exhibition that rose keen interest of Germany citizens and museum connoisseurs from different parts of the world, thousands of people had an opportunity to see its exposition.

Being bright example of efficient Turkmen – German cooperation in humanitarian sphere, berlin exhibition became important event in the opening of new pages of the chronicles of human civilization by Europeans. Authorised Representative of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany on Culture and Mass Media Monika Grütters noted at the opening ceremony that Margiana is unique historical monument, which values would leave no one indifferent.

I would like to visit Turkmenistan by myself and see the monuments and treasures – the evidence of many centuries. Margiana introduces not only the ancient history of Turkmen people but also the modern life of Turkmenistan. The exhibition organized in one of the prestigious museums will give string impulse to further intensification of cultural, humanitarian and interstate relations. I do believe that Turkmen exposition will raise keen interest not only in Germany but also in the world. We are proud that the capital of Germany was chosen as the place of its first organization in Europe, Mrs Monika Grütters noted.

26.04.2018. International exhibition Fair dedicated to the Day of Turkmen Horse annually observed on the last Sunday in April opened in Exhibition hall of the Trade and Industrial Chamber of Turkmenistan.
The review that gathered representatives of dozens of countries of the world is aimed at further development of partnership, establishment of business and scientific contacts in equestrian industry, introduction of innovative technologies in breeding and training of the horses. The participants of the forum include the representatives from Russia, USA, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Poland, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia and other.
Impressive composition of the participants of current specialized exhibition was another evidence of high prestige of this forum annually held by the Trade and Industrial Chamber together with Turkmen Atlary State Association.
Representatives of equestrian industry, sports and tourism expressed keen interest to Turkmenistan as to the birthplace of the world famous ahalteke breed of horses and as to the country, which under the leadership pf President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov integrates actively to the world equestrian community cultivating thousand years old national traditions in combination with modern tendencies and technologies in this sphere.

26.04.2018. I congratulate you on the opening of International Fair Exhibition and X International Scientific Conference “Turkmen Horse and the World Equestrian Art”, which are held in our country on occasion of the Day of Turkmen Horse, - the message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov says.

From the ancient time, gracious Turkmen horses, the same as beautiful carpets and fancy gold and silver jewelleries, are considered to be one of national treasuries of our nation. Ahalteke horse is a sample of priceless national heritage that was brought up, hatched and made by people for long centuries.

Therefore, the State pays great attention to the development of horse breeding and equestrian sports, makes all necessary conditions for training of skilful horse breeders, jockeys and specialist, for the improvement of their social and living conditions. At the same time, equestrian traditions of our courageous ancestors were revived and the achievements in the development of Turkmen equestrian art were improved. The popularity of Turkmen horses, which are famous around the world by speed and beauty, is growing. Taking into account huge international interest to our wonderful horses we establish fruitful cooperation with ahalteke equestrian associations in foreign countries.

Ashgabat Equestrian Sports Complex was reconstructed in the capital. International Equestrian Complex, equestrian centres in Balkan, Dashoguz, Lebap and Mary velayats meeting modern requirements were built and put into operation in the Kopetdag foothills in Ahal Velayat as well as equestrian training centre was made.

24.04.2018. International Hotel Tashkent hosted Turkmen – Uzbek business forum timed to the state visit of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Turkmen delegation consists of the representatives of profile ministries and departments including finances and economics, trade and foreign economic affairs, agriculture and water management, industry, automobile and railroad transport, construction and architecture, energy, communication, textile industry, youth affairs and sports as well as the State Corporation Turkmengeologiya, State Concern Turkmengaz, Turkmenneft, Turkmenhimiya and Turkmenawtoyollary, State Service Maritime and River Transport, Turkmendermansenagat Association, Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry, State Tourism and Committee, Ashgabatsyahat and Lebapsyahat tourist agencies, State Fishery COmmitteem Turkmenatlary State Association, Turkmenistan State Commodity and Raw Material Exchange, Trade and Industrial Chamber, National Barcode Organization, Ashgabat and Turkmenbashy Textile Complexes, State Enterprise Turkmenulaggyozegchilik, Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and its institutes of solar energy and chemistry, Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communication, Ashgabat City Administration.

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