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The exhibition of the hand-woven carpets, jewelry and textile products manufactured in Turkmenistan will be arranged in the capital of Azerbaijan on February 15-18. The exposition organized by the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan with the assistance of the diplomatic mission in Baku and the Ministry of Culture of the friendly country will be held in the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum.
Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to learn more about the rich ornamental and color palette of the unique in beauty and quality woolen and silk carpets and carpet articles created by Turkmen carpet-weavers, as well as the collection of filigree jewelry.
Textile products, showcased in Baku, are manufactured from pure cotton and silk produced in Turkmenistan: bed linen and bath accessories, stylish models of knitted and denim clothing, and fabrics: keteni, panne velvet and staple. The national color of the pavilion will be emphasized by a white yurta with an exposition inside of it.
In the framework of the cultural event, the representatives of the Turkmen delegation will make a presentation about the history and traditions of the Turkmen national carpet-weaving.


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