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06.09.2018. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the participants of the International exhibition and scientific conference “Main trends of development of energy industry of Turkmenistan”.
I congratulate you on the opening of the International exhibition and scientific conference “Main trends of development of energy industry of Turkmenistan” –the presidential message says. Due to the high growth dynamics in the country’s economic potential, all the necessary conditions were created for modernization of the energy industry, as well as of other branches of the national economy.

In accordance with the National Program of Socio-Economic Development of Turkmenistan for 2011-2013 and the Concept of Development of Electric Power Industry for 2013-2020, the production of electric energy will be significantly increased / boosted. In the nearest future, distribution systems, transformers and substations in villages, settlements and district centers will be upgraded.
Current rapid rates of development in energy industry enable us to systematically increase electricity exports that face strong demand in foreign markets.
Remarkable increase in potential of this industry was possible thanks to the construction of high-capacity power plants and power supply lines within a tight time frame.
As a result of such development we are able to fully satisfy domestic consumer demand and export Turkmen electricity. Transnational power lines are of great economic and geopolitical importance, facilitating the consolidation of peace and sustainable development in the region, promoting expansion of partnership relations between countries, the message says.
Gas turbine power plants that will be built in the country’s regions in the future under the Concept of Development of Electric Power Industry in Turkmenistan for 2013-2020will significantly increase our power generating capacity. Commissioning of modern high-tech gas turbine power plants will significantly improve the resource base of the industry.
At present we are implementing major projects aimed at modernizing the existing gas turbine power plants and building new ones. New power lines and distribution systems are being built. Works are underway to update the energy infrastructure and outdoor lighting systems in the capital and provinces.
The latest energy-saving technologies and highly efficient equipment are used in project execution.
We implement large-scale energy projects with high regard for international industrial cooperation. Ensuring stable and reliable supply of energy resources to foreign consumers is one of our priorities.
I believe that this International exhibition and scientific conference will provide you with opportunities to see the achievements of Turkmenistan’s energy industry, exchange information, discuss new promising projects and important issues of effective use of energy-saving technologies and renewable energy sources. It will also help to outline the vectors of mutually beneficial cooperation, the presidential Address notes.


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