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26.06.2018. An exhibition fair entitled “Trade and Services-2018” has opened in the Expo Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry with 50-plus enterprises and organizations of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations exhibiting their products.

Among the exponents are Türkmeneksport, Howdan-Bajygyran (a firm, specializing in cross-border trade), Ashgabat’s Markets Association, as well as manufacturing and trade organizations of the consumer’s association.

The Mizan Business Center, enterprises Kümüş-Aý, Ruhybelent, Altyn Ýyldyz, and the Parakhat Cultural and Entertainment Center advertize catering services. The Computer Technology Center and hotels of the Avaza National Tourist Zone showcase computer and tourist services respectively.

A trade-cooperative school and a vocational school, training skilled specialists for the sector, Şir Hockey Club and the Business Advertising newspaper are also among those participating in the event. The exhibition’s central theme emerges from symbolically designed display stands, representing time travel from the past to the future. Created at the entrance to the Expo Center, an accurate replica of the eastern bazaar vividly illustrates what has been described in the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov-authored book, Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Silk Road. Yurts with a dastarkhan inside set for a lavish meal, bright-colored carpets and a magnificent collection of museum exhibits, including age-old artifacts, folk crafts, and others, add a unique and traditional local flavor.

Visitors to the exhibition have a wonderful chance to trace the changes which occurred over the centuries in trade that at the same time has retained many of its peculiar features since ancient times, when international trade activities (as we know them today) saw the rise in the heart of the important historical route.

The greater part of the exhibition space with display stands of enterprises very much resembles a modern shopping and entertainment center with rows of food stalls selling various fresh vegetables and fruits, shop windows displaying a big variety of local food products, and cafes and restaurants in a food court. Here, visitors are invited to sample and enjoy traditional dishes of the Turkmen, European and Asian cuisine.

Trading houses of Turkmenistan in foreign countries are also among participants in the exhibition. In recent years, our country’s trade missions have been opened in China, Turkey, Russian, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and others. Trade in high-quality agricultural and industrial Turkmenistan-made products is expanding significantly.

The ongoing massive efforts aimed at import substitution, agricultural intensification, the development of processing industries and building of new industrial sectors of the Turkmen economy greatly contribute to broadening the range of domestic products that are highly sought after and competitive. As an eloquent example of this, the exhibition features the newest products in the food section where visitors can sample and buy almost everything.

The “Trade and Services-2018” Exhibition Fair can been seen as an mirror image of the national trade sector, which reveals its development trends, home market conditions, and export potential of local producers.

The exhibition will run for three days to allow Ashgabat residents and guests to the capital to see its exhibits.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

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