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Carpets from Central Asia and Middle East, dated back to the 19th and 20th centuries, have been exhibited at ancient rug exhibition in Kolkata, reports Press Trust of India.
The 10-day exhibition-fair started on 29 December at the Harrington Art Gallery, at the center of the city. The event features rugs, mats and runners from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Dagestan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and various Kurdish enclaves. The carpets are a testimony of the fine work and years of labour that went into its making, said Collector Danny Mehra. He represented 90 carpet at the show.
The exhibit present the carpet-making traditions of ethnic groups such as Qashqai, Luri, Bakhtiari, Khamseh, Afshar, Shahsavan, Turkic and Baluch, he said. According to Mehra, most of the valuable rugs were bought through dealers, other collectors or through auctions in Austria, Germany, USA and Great Britain.
Danny Mehra has a huge carpet collection, located in Bengaluru studio. All of them were collected all around the globe. His collection stock is enough to cover an entire football ground. The collector plans to set up a small private museum in future.


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