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13.04.2019. Two-day exhibition and fair “Trade and Services 2019”, which was organized by the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan, has opened in the expositions centre of the Trade and Industrial Chamber. Profile review, which brought together around 200 local and foreign exhibitors, gives the opportunity to trace the trends and estimate the outcomes of steadfast work for provision of abundance in local market.
Exposition hall looks like modern shopping and entertainment centre, which grounds have displays full of fresh fruits and vegetables, various production of national food industry as well as carpet and textile items.
Current exhibition and fair is some kind of the profile of national trade sphere, by which the trends of its development and condition of local market, export capabilities of national manufacturers are evaluated. Trade complex is a visual indicator of social wealth, sphere of real and daily cooperation of manufacturers and consumers. In this context, level of development of trade and services is an important indicator of success of reforms and the process of modernization of the economy.

At the session of the Government on March 20, Vice-premier M. Meredov informed the Head of the State on preparation to X International Gas Congress planned to be held in Avaza National tourist zone on May 21 – 22 this year.
In this regard, the President noted that this specialized forum is aimed at further development of beneficial cooperation with all interested foreign partners in fuel and energy sector.
Turkmenistan implements the strategy of integrated modernization of profile infrastructure, diversification of routes of delivery of energy carriers to the world markets, strengthening of the potential of processing, including petrochemical industry, increment of production of competitive quality goods. Speaking of this, the Head of Turkmenistan instructed to provide high organizational level of the X International Gas Congress, which is to be an efficient ground or exchange of advanced practice, activation of productive relations with leading world financial and petroleum companies.


17.03.2019. Talks between profile ministries and departments of two countries in energy sphere, oil and gas, chemical industry, agriculture, tourism and other spheres were held in the second day of Turkmen – Bahrein business forum.
Minister of Power Energy and Water Resources of the Kingdom of Bahrein Hussein Bin Ali Mirza with the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers for construction, energy and municipality service and the Minister of Power Energy of our country discussed the subjects of cooperation in energy sphere at the meeting.
The guest has also discussed positive practice of Turkmenistan in implementation of large-scale projects in the sphere of soil improvement, combating desertification and salinization of lands with profile members of the Government of our country. The Minister of Power Energy and Water Resources of the Kingdom of Bahrein was presented with the outcomes of work for creation of Altyn Asyr Turkmen Lake in the centre of Karakum Deserts, which construction is aimed at the solution of the problem of disposal of drainage waters and development of lands around unique water facility.
Interesting discussion of directions of cooperation in energy sector and petrochemical industry was held at the meeting of Minister of Oil of the Kingdom of Bahrein Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Khalifa with the officials of fuel and energy complex of the country.

The work on organization of the exhibition hall of Turkmenistan at the World Exhibition EXPO 2020, which is to be held in Dubai (UAE), is carried out. The Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Affairs held an international tender, which selected project proposal of Tekmil private company – the member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
The area of Turkmenistan exhibition hall at the EXPO 2020, which will be held under slogan “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” will be 1,581 square meters. According to the terms of Organization Committee of the Exhibition, it is planned to build two-storey hall on 976 square meters.
It is proposed to demonstrate 3D video about historical, cultural and natural attractions, economic achievements of Turkmenistan in all spheres with audio in Turkmen, English, French, German, Russian and Arabic languages at the first floor of the building using digital system.
The exposition of export goods from Turkmenistan is planned to be organized on the second floor. It would also has place for business forums and meetings as well as all necessary conditions for cultural events.


16.03.2019. Turkmen – Bahrein business forum, which was organized by the Trade and Industrial Chambers of two countries, has started its work in Archabyl Hotel of the capital. The forum, which is held for the first time, is to become an important step toward the activation of bilateral cooperation in wide range of directions.
Delegation of representatives of the Governmental structures, financial institutes, education facilities of the Kingdom of Bahrein as well as leading companies specialized in trade, gas, oil, chemical, textile industry, telecommunications, tourism and other spheres came to Turkmenistan for participation in the meeting.
Representatives of ministries and departments as well as the Trade and Industrial Chamber and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs took part in the meeting from Turkmen side.
The Head of delegation of Bahrein highlighted the interest of his country in cooperation with Turkmenistan, which demonstrates impressive growth rates of national economy and received international authority as perspective and reliable partner. Constructive character of the meeting became the evidence of mutual desire of development of multi-aspect dialog.

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