20.02.2017. The Central Officers’ House of the Ministry of Defence hosted a presentation of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov’s new work “Mertler Watany beýgeldýär”. The event was attended by heads and employees of military and law-enforcement authorities, teachers and cadets of military higher education institutions, cultural figures, members of the public and mass media.

Recently, the head of Turkmenistan handled an exemplar of this book to the national force structure leadership and military personnel authorizing to publish it for mass circulation, and convey to military personnel and law-enforcement authorities.

The next work of the nation’s leader is a military-historical research of Turkmenistan’s Armed Forces activity in popular scientific presentation. The head of state refers to the people’s spiritual and historical experience, reflected in the military art and worldview.

Analyzing the national mentality’s origins, prerequisites, factors, the leader of nation highlights such moments as the natural genetic relationship with mother earth and team spirit. Thereby, our ancestors were permanently looking for non-confrontational ways of interacting with other peoples. Several chapters of the book are dedicated to the brave riders and their glorious Akhalteke horses, with magnificent photo illustrations.

20.02.2017. In a conference hall of the State Migration Service, it was held a ceremony of handing the passports to persons being admitted to the citizenship of Turkmenistan in accordance with the relevant Ukase of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov.

The event was preceded by an International meeting on the theme “Successful experience of Turkmenistan in the reduction of statelessness”, which gathered in the conference hall of the Ministry Foreign Affairs Turkmen diplomats, heads of diplomatic missions accredited to the country, the heads of several departments.

Representatives of international structures expressed confidence that the positive experience of Turkmenistan would find its application in other states. Speakers of the Regional Representative, Regional Coordinator of UNHCR for Central Asia Ms. Yasuko Oda, Regional Coordinator of Sub-regional office of the International Organization for Migration in Central Asia, head of IOM office in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan Mr. Dejan Keserovic highly appreciated the activity of Turkmenistan in decision of modernity problems, including in the field of migration. It was noted the importance of Turkmenistan’s neutrality as a guarantee of stability, protection of national interests, and evolution factor of equitable relationship.

19.02.2017. Today Turkmenistan celebrates Day of national flag. The major festive actions passed in the Turkmen capital where the flower laying ceremony at the Main Flag of the country took place.

The national flag of Turkmenistan was approved a quarter of the century back - on February 19, 1992. Within twenty five years our country under the green banner makes its modern history, confidently goes on the path of well-being and progress, reaching high boundaries of independent development.

This year the holiday coincided with one more significant event symbolising a major landmark in the life of the country. During the national elections which took place on February 12, the leader of nation of Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was again elected head of the state. At the ceremony of inauguration which took place on February 17, following national traditions, the President of Turkmenistan took an oath of allegiance to the fatherland and people and paid a tribute of respect to the national flag.

The festively decorated area located in the southern part of the capital where one of the highest in the world - a 133-metre flagstaff on which the Main flag of Turkmenistan flutters is established, became the main venue for major celebrations today. The flower laying ceremony in honour of Day of the national flag here took place. Members of the government, heads of ministries and departments, the administration of the capital, heads of diplomatic representatives and missions accredited to our country and ambassadors of Turkmenistan to foreign countries, honourable elders, the youth, representatives of public organisations, mass media, foreign businessmen working in our country, numerous citizens of Ashgabat took part in it.

At a Cabinet meeting on February 18th, the President addressed participants with a speech, in which he outlined the priorities of Turkmenistan's foreign policy for the next seven years.

“The world today is changing rapidly; there are various new political and economic structures, new threats and challenges. Such conditions require carrying out a responsible and deeply thought-out foreign policy, which our country builds on the basis of clearly defined principles and basic provisions of neutrality based on the historical experience of the people, that has absorbed values, traditions, customs, and ethical norms, accumulated over centuries.

Neutrality and its foundations have enabled us to consistently follow our firm believes. These include love of peace and respect for other peoples, their culture and customs, philosophy and religion. All this helps us to build fruitful and equal relations with all partners, creates the conditions for substantive negotiations on any issues, finding mutually acceptable solutions that actively involve new forms of international cooperation.

20.02.2017. At the auctions of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan 28 transactions for a week were registered.
For the foreign currency businessmen from the United Arab Emirates and others bought aviation kerosene, low sulphur fuel oil manufactured at Turkmenbashi refineries complex. Technical sulphur technical (SC "Turkmengaz") became a subject of transactions of representatives of business circles of Kyrgyzstan.
For the foreign currency one coloured and terry products in assortment, food wheat, cotton yarn, cotton fibre were realised. The countries-buyers: Russia, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Georgia, Ukraine and others. The total amount of transactions exceeded 30 million 246 thousand US dollars.
For the manat foreign businessmen purchased karakul and saryja breeds’ wool for a total sum of more than 1 million 793 thousand manats.
For the home market local businessmen bought the load-lifting machinery and food wheat for a total sum of more than 346 thousand manats.


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