06.10.2019. Turkmenistan observes the Memorial Day when tribute is paid to heroes lost in the battlefields of all wars as well as to the victims of catastrophic Ashgabat earthquake in 1948.

The State flags have been were flown half-mast on occasion of sad date. Memorial prayers and food donation ceremonies are held all around the country. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the mourning flower laying ceremony to the monuments of “Halk hakydasy” Memorial Complex.

…Memory is a spiritual component of the nation’s life. This is an invisible but strong line connecting generations, which allows not only keeping the sources and traditions but also building new own destiny based on historical experience and creating own future.

Magnificent Halk Hakydasy Complex, which is stretched on the hills in the southwest part of the capital, became an embodiment of eternal glory and courage of our ancestors.

Early in the morning, thousands of Ashgabat residents have come to Halk Hakydasy Memorial Complex to put wreaths to the monuments.

05.10.2019. 26 transactions were registered at the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan last week.

Businessmen from the UAE, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan among others purchased kerosene, liquefied gas, base oil, produced at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries. Businessmen from Afghanistan also purchased diesel fuel, produced at the Seydi refinery, and Russian businessmen purchased high-density polyethylene, produced at the Kiyanly Polymer Plant.

Businessmen from the Russian Federation, the OAE, Uzbekistan purchased colorless heavy sheet glass, cotton yarn, and cosmetics to the amount of more than 57.626 million US dollars.

Businessmen from the UK, Canada, the UAE concluded transactions in deposit manats for cotton yarn to the amount of more than 4.888 million manats.

Turkmen businessmen purchased polypropylene film (produced at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries) and high-density polyethylene to the total amount of 4.185 million manats.


04.10.2019. First session of the Constitution Commission for development and compilation of proposals on amendments and addendums of the Constitution of Turkmenistan was held after the session of the Cabinet of Ministers.
President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov informed that the main goal of the meeting is to adopt working plan for the Constitution Commission and to discuss the issues related with its activity for further improvement of work of legislative authority of the country.
Having highlighted that he already mentioned in his speech at the People’s Council that economic and political situation in the world changes rapidly, the President stated that the necessity of steadfast modernization of the government power and administrative authorities including representative bodies is coming.
Therefore, key vectors and priority directions of current and future development have to be reflected in the Main Law taking into consideration the best achivements and international practice, the Head of the State said.
Following our fundamental political, economic and legal positions in our activity, we adhere to the principles of humanity and justice, which characterize the way of development of advanced states of the world, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued. We put integrated efforts to follow these principles in international relations.

03.10.2019. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held working session with participation of Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Ch. Purchekov and Minister of Industry and Communication T. Durhanov.
Opening working session, the Head of the State noted that he invited relative officials to review the main directions of industrialization, discussion of construction works in the c country, improvement of level and quality of construction, enhancement of activity of energy industry, municipal service and introduction of latest technologies to production sphere as well as process of digitization of the branches of national economy.
First, the floor for report was given to Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Minister who is in charge of construction, energy and municipal spheres as well as for industrial and communication complexes Ch. Purchekov.
The Vice-premier reported on the situation in the branches under his supervision and fulfilment of the assignments of the Head of the State on acceleration of works at construction sites, increment of production of energy structure of the country, implementation advanced methods to municipals services as well as digitization of industrial complex, transport sphere and communication, improvement of production out put of electronic industry.

02.10.2019. President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with relative Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers, some members of the State Security council, hyakim of Ashgabat and number of ministers and department heads made working trip around the capital, having inspected the situation at major construction sites.
During the trip, the President went to new facilities built along Chandybil Avenue. Upon arrival, the Head of the State looked around the projects presented by the Minister of Health Protection and Medical Industry N. Amannepesov including the project of construction of International Medical and Aesthetic Centre and other medical facilities.
With regard to International Medical and Aesthetic centre, its construction is oriented to further development of national health protection sphere and strengthening of its equipment and facility base for provision of high-quality service for elimination of congenital or acquired defect, abnormalities and injuries. At the same time, this project is a visual evidence of continuation of work for steadfast development of specialized directions of medicine and modernization of profile infrastructure.

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