23.10.2017. Hundreds of families celebrate new welcoming parties in new living state in Ashgabat. Large cottage complex was built under the 15th phase of urban construction.

President Gurbanguly and Government officials came to congratulate new tenants and to take part in the opening ceremony of the high comfort living.

Large living estate comprising of 208 double-store cottages and 16 3 and 4-sore accommodation houses for 4 and 6 accommodations each have been built in the south- west of Ashgabat along Seidi and Mollanepes streets.

The cottages were built by the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, which companies have already built 18 twelve-storey living houses by the order of different departments, 11 shopping centres, kindergarten and school for 600 children, park and other social facilities in this part of the city.

Besides, the road network was completely reconstructed.

Beneficial mortgage loans for Turkmenistan citizens provide the affordability of comfort living for city and rural area residents. More than thousand families became the owners of excellent apartments in Ashgabat annually owing to this factor and growing expansion of urban construction

The construction of cottage-type houses will allow expanding the opportunities of the citizens to choose more comfortable living meeting modern requirements and personal preferences of the tenants.