13.12.2017. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov received Executive Director of Turkmen – American Business Council Eric Stuart.

Having expressed sincere gratitude for the opportunity of personal meeting, the guest warmly congratulated the Head of the State on International Neutrality Day, having addressed the wishes of prosperity and success to Turkmen people. The businessman highlighted that the USA business circles are interested in the expansion of beneficial cooperation with our country that demonstrates repaid rates of economic growth.

Having mentioned that Turkmenistan is always open for constructive dialog with foreign partners, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stated with delight fruitful character of cooperation with big American companies, which successfully works for many years in our country.

Later in the meeting, the sides exchanged the visions of the perspectives of the development of bilateral cooperation in priority directions. It was noted that large reformation programmes and projects in different spheres make favourable prepositions for the diversification of business contacts in Turkmenistan. Having taken the course toward rapid industrialization and establishment of high technological production, our country relies on the implementation of the innovations and attraction of the best world practice.

In this context, important role of bilateral business council and joint business forums that has recommended themselves as efficient mechanism of the promotion of trade and economic cooperation, realization of considerable potential and stimulation of investment activity has been highlighted.

12.12.2017. The leaders of the Mejlis, members of the Government, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in our country, ambassadors of Turkmenistan to foreign countries, representatives of ministries and departments, scientific institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations, mass media, creative intelligentsia, elders and students gathered in the Mukams Palace.

Celebration programme of the concert was opened by the performance of Dokmaçylar folk ensemble with music and dance composition dedicated to modern Turkmenistan.

The audience awarded the performance of young violin band Mukam with the storm of applauses. The composition of Lacyn ensemble reflected the inspiration and creativeness of new epoch and policy of good neighbourliness and large-scale reforms by refined choreographic language.

The history and modernity merged in kushtdepdy dance performed by united folk band. The ancient ritual dance that received the second birth in our days was recently included to the UNESCO Representative List of non-material cultural heritage.

The song performed by all participants of the concert and dedicated to the place of peace and friendship – independent neutral Turkmenistan that rapidly rises to new heights of progress was the bright accord of celebration event.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan.

12.12.2017. International Neutrality Day was celebrated for the first time in Turkmenistan. Celebration events of occasion of the holiday took place in the capital and regions of the country.

According to the traditions, celebration events has started with flower laying ceremony to the Neutrality Monument with the participation of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The Chairperson of the Mejlis, members of the Government, leaders of military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and departments, hyakims of the velayats and the capital, deputies of National Parliament, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in our country, Turkmenistan ambassadors to foreign countries, honoured elders, youth, representative of non-governmental organizations and foreign companies, mass media as well as the participants of the conferences “UNRCCA: 10 Years of Cooperation with Central Asia for Peace and Prosperity of the Region” and “Policy of Neutrality and Preventive Diplomacy in International Relations: The Practice of Turkmenistan and its Importance” held on the day before gathered on the square in front of magnificent complex early in the morning.

Under the sounds of National anthem, the President went to the Neutrality Monument and lay flowers to podium of magnificent complex.

After the Head of the State, the participants of official ceremony lay flowers to the Monument.

December 12, 1995 is the day of the adoption of the United Nations Resolution on permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan and marks the beginning of new stage of the history of our country. For the first time in the world practice, the United Nations unanimously recognized our state to bear high title of peace-maker, active member and partner of the UN in the achievement of peace, security and progress.

I cordially congratulate you on International Neutrality Day, which is celebrated by Turkmenistan this year for the first time together with the whole world community. The neutrality supports successful achievement of humanitarian goals of Turkmen people and entire world community, consolidates pace, friendship and positive relations between the countries and the nations, - congratulation message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov says.
Neutral legal status of our independent state, which was recognized twice by the United Nations General Assembly, became the basis of the main domestic and foreign policy. The neutrality is one of the most important conditions for the provision of dynamic development of the economy and steadfast improvement of the quality of people’s life.
The selection of our country in the structures of the United Nations in different years like the Commission on Science and technologies, the Commission of Social Development confirms the success of our social and economic policy. The neutrality of Turkmenistan consolidates the nations and opens the ways of the development of friendly relations and beneficial partnership. Building modern airports, automobile and rail roads, transit and transport corridors, we multiply centuries-old traditions of peace-loving and friendship of our people. The construction of Serhetabat – Turgundy that railway started recently and became historical event has demonstrated our efforts in this direction to the world, having brought the authority of independent Turkmenistan to higher level, - the message says.
The neutrality is a way toward the peace and security, sustainable development and friendly cooperation. While being committed to this direction, our sovereign state consolidates the efforts of the planet, international and regional organizations, establishes the relations based on the principles of understanding and trust. Taking into account new conditions of the modern world development, national and global interests, neutral Turkmenistan support multilateral cooperation with Asian Pacific, Middle and Far East, European and American countries. Turkmenistan also cooperates with such competent international structures like the UN, European Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Non-Aligned Movement and Islamic Cooperation Organization.

10.12.2017. During extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers on December 8, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov informed on the inclusion of Turkmen national singing art and dance kushtdepdi to the Representative List of the UNESCO Non-material Cultural Heritage and congratulated the compatriots on this event, this decision was unanimously taken at the 12th session of Interstate Committee on Protection of Non-material Cultural Heritage held in Cheju (the Republic of Korea).

Celebration in the capital Congress Palace was dedicated to this event. Historians, cultural and art masters, public representatives and mass media gathered there. Famous dance bands, singers and musicians made celebration performances.

The participants of the event familiarized with topical exposition expanded in the foyer of the Palace, which exhibits include visual, decorative and applied art items, sculpture, potter and jewellery works as well as carpets and carpet items, which style and patterns reflect choreographic language and substantive content of the dance.

The performance of original and expressive dance by folk bands was the culmination of the event.

As is known, the idea of popularization of kushtdepdi belongs to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The particpants highlighted that kushtdepdi is bright and unique sample of national art and the reflection of harmonic combination of historical and cultural traditions of the nation, its spiritual experience and art potential of modern epoch.

The participants of the event noted the relevance of the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on popularization of the richest historical and cultural heritage of Turkmen people in the world and on activation of works in this direction. In this context, the inclusion of kushtdepdi to the List of Non-material Cultural Heritage of the humanity is priceless.

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