Hundred kilograms of fresh fish is delivered every day to trade network of Dashoguz velayat by «Ak Durna» Individual enterprise. Carp, asp, roach and other are on high demand. This year, «Ak Durna» was the biggest private company in the region that is specialized in catching and fishery, which became possible after privatization of former government enterprise «Dashoguzbalyk».

New owners received administration building and production facility with smoking and freezing workshops as well as dozens of boats. Having included new property to existing pond infrastructure of 5 hectares in S. A. Niyazov etrap, new owners have not just preserved production direction of the facility but also improved the potential significantly. Nowadays, «Ak Durna» have 15 fishermen in industrial zone of Sarykamysh Lake. In the future, the company plans to buy and install the production line for vacuum packing of fish.

Programme of denationalization, which is successfully implemented in the country, gave private producers new opportunities for the increment of production capacities. Shavat OJSV, which was established by «Yupek Yolly Gurlushyk» Business Entity on the base of former Dashoguz Diary Plant, can be brought as a good example of the privatization of the state property.

The factory, which is built by Hyzmatdashlar Open Joint Stock Venture in Serdar etrap, Balkan Velayat, will produce 150 thousand tons of sugar. Nusay Yollary Individua Enterprise is the general contractor of the project. 200 million manats project is implemented from the credit granted by Senagat Joint Stock and Commercial Bank and own finances of the company. Shareholders plan to start the production in the next year. General Director of the venture Hudayberdy Hangeldiyev said that planned production volume would allow exporting several dozens of tons of production per year.
Number of facilities has already been built in Serdar etrap. It includes office building, warehouses for raw materials and ready production, polypropylene production workshop. The construction of the main production building is under completion. Installation of the equipment procured from the leading European companies of Germany, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ukraine will be started soon. Gas power station is built for production of technological steam at the facility.
Latest technologies and equipment provide the organization of two production cycles – the processing of raw material exported from foreign countries and sugar beet cultivated locally, for production of which more than three thousands hectares have been allocated in the country.

Homespun blankets and cushions made of camel and sheep wool are still actual in many Turkmen families. It seems as it is not only natural material but also the warmth of one’s grandmother’s hands, which carefully work over the item that makes you feel comfortable and warm. In our age of high technologies, this work is given to modern machines for processing of wool and production of wide range of practical and environmentally friendly articles.
Development of national textile industry stimulates private manufacturers to expand the range of export-oriented production. Facility of the members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, brothers Rovshan and Dovran Begmammedovs, specialized in production of various items from sheep wool, which reserves are very significant in our country, is one of examples of this.

Two big livestock farming complexes, which were built by local entrepreneurs under the implementation of the State Programme of import substitutive production and increment of production export volumes, have been opened in Baherden etrap, Ahal Velayat.

Representative f private sector of the economy improve their positions in agrarian business every year. Owing to targeted state support, the members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan have an opportunity to implement major projects in different branches of agriculture.

Livestock complex, which was built by Aýyt business entity on the territory of Mürçe farming association, is a bright evidence of this. Guş Toplumy Individual Enterprise, which production is well-known in Turkmenistan and abroad, is the end user of this facility.

Production output of new facility of Guş Toplumy is 200 tons of meat per year. The farm has 120 cattle now, which number is planned to be increased to 800 in the future. It has all conditions for breeding the cattle and calves. 305 hectares of land have been leased to entrepreneurs on long-term basis. 5 hectares are occupied by production facilities while the rest of land is used for growing of forage crops.

Thirteen thousand paper bags per hour is the capacity of the automated line launched at the «Ýedydogan» plant. The company, located in the industrial zone of Ak-Budai etrap, is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality paper packaging products.
The automated full-cycle production line of the German company Gartemann & Hollmann allows monthly to produce up to two million items per month. These are one-two-and three-layer open bags. Special demand for multi-layer closed valve bags for bulk foods, building materials, agricultural fertilizers.
Depending on the requirements of the customer, products are made from micro-creped paper, with an upper white layer, with an interlayer or inner polyethylene liner, laminated and bituminized, bags with moisture-resistant layers. The production line is equipped with a machine for flexographic printing, which allows you to put on the bags any graphic design. High-strength paper Kraft bags are environmentally friendly, easily recyclable packaging.
- We will use a universal and practical material, which is paper, for the production of bags and bags, which are indispensable for packing various groups of goods: from cereals to building materials, says entrepreneur Dovran Abdurasulov. - Paper bags have a low cost, so packaging has virtually no effect on the final cost of production.

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