According to the statistics of the analytical agency Turstat, “the pearl of the Karakum Desert” – Ashgabat is one of the ten most popular cities for spring travel around the CIS countries.
Tourists from all over the world have long loved the “City of Love”. No one camera can catch the stunning sunsets that reflect from the white marble walls of capital skyscrapers – you need to see it with your own eyes.
The National Museum of Turkmenistan and the Carpet Museum are places of pilgrimage not only for foreign but also for local tourists.
“Where else can you learn so much about the history of our Motherland? – shares with ORIENT Anton Rasulov, one of the visitors of the museum. – Now, after the tour, I realized that I want to learn more, and see everything live. There are so many places that one can and, most importantly, want to visit”.

22.04.2018. More than 100 types of decorative polystyrene ceiling planks for interior design and more than 400 types of decorative panels and architectural elements for exterior decoration of buildings, heat and sound insulation blocks and various boards, sandwich panels made of polystyrene slabs and mineral wool (basalt fibre) are produced by Individual Enterprise “Ak Hunjy” located in Mary. Businessmen from Murgab Valley were the first in the country who started production of construction materials from light and strong, low heat conductive material, which found wide application. Individual Enterprise “Ak Hunjy” is the participants of Turkmenistan exhibition in Uzbekistan.

For nine years, the enterprise has grown into largest producer of wide variety of construction finishing materials. Annual production of the plant is 24,000 sq.m. of heat- and sound proof panels, 1,500,000 meters of decorative planks for interior decoration, 180,000 meters of decorative planks for exterior design, 120,000 sq.m. of wall and roof sandwich panels, 60,000 sq.m. of roof tiles, 60,000 decorative architectural elements.

Production of individual enterprise meets high international standards. It is produced using modern technologies and equipment of the famous manufacturers from Germany, Turkey and China.

16.04.2018. In accordance with the National Program of development, the country focused more on the construction of cities and rural settlements, the creation in them of all the necessary conditions for comfortable living.

The new modern residential area built on the territory of the gengeshlik "Tyaze yol" in the Kunyaurgench etrap will also possess the new network of social, cultural and other objects assignment. The business entity “Bagtyl Gadam” is building a two-story building of a new comprehensive school for 420 pupils, where all the conditions for educating the intellectually, physically and spiritually developed young generation will be created. The training classes will be equipped with the necessary inventory and technical means, which will make it possible to actively use interactive methods in the educational process. The specialized premises and sports grounds will be created for the creative and physical development of students.

The Health House, a kindergarten for 160 children, the House of Culture, a shopping center with a market, shops and other objects are being built in the village, where the Communication House is already built, capable of serving hundreds of subscribers.

The greenhouse farm, various production and administrative facilities, forming of an extensive network of road and engineering communications will be realized in the new residential area, the housing stock of which will be hundreds of comfortable houses of various types.

Batyr URAYEV (

14.04.2018. Constituent assembly of this organization was held in the capital Olympia hotel. Representatives of IT companies, partner’s companies and volunteers took part in the event.

The objectives of the Union include the improvement of the awareness of the population in IT sphere, consulting services as well as the support of new ideas. Individuals and legal entities of Turkmenistan and foreign states sharing the same targets and objectives are free to join the Union.

At present moment, information technologies rapidly come to our life, - Grigori Gurbanov, the Founder of the Union Says. – The idea of the foundation of the Union of Information Technologies Development of Turkmenistan (UITDT) has come after many companies faced the problem of recruitment of qualified IT specialists. We have people with good experience and we want to use our knowledge and opening opportunities for the improvement of the potential of youg generation.

Our plans include the attraction of the youth to master the knowledge and skills in programme software field. We will open free courses for this including on robotics with future employment. Besides, we plan to provide consulting services and production of electronic media, IT magazine and to organize profile exhibitions. We are open for new ideas and innovative approaches. Individual Enterprise Orlan, the member of the UIET, which successfully works on employment and education market, is among our partners.

Zeynab Agamammedova (

22.03.2018. Two-day celebration of Nowruz in Turkmenistan will be remembered by us not only for bright events honouring the spring coming but also as a day of paying tribute to the traditions and to national heritage. This year, the holiday was as unusual by its scale and intent as polysemous.

Renewing together with the nature and opening toward fresh winds of the future, we still keep looking to the history. Drawing creative energy and faith to strong power of people from centuries-old experience of the nation, we turn on this generating resource for the achievement of new objectives. This is ideological concept put in literary basis of the celebration that was held with the participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on «Nowruz ýaýlasy» ground.

Book of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov “Turkmenistan is the Heart of the great Silk Road” appeared alive in the stories, faces, national heroes, characters of the legends and historical personalities on wide space next to huge yurta - «Türkmeniň ak öýi». Monumental decorations accurately recreated the image of the cities that were located along historical route on the territory of our country.

They were supplementing each other: the Silk Road stimulated the trade, construction, promotion of ideas, cultural exchange while Turkmen cities gave life and influence to the road, provided its operation and diversification as they would say in our days. How many goods, advanced scientific, philosophic and engineering ideas the caravans took from her to Europe and Asia!

This thesis finds its comprehensive confirmation in the chapter of the book of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which concentrates long historical periods, spiritual, economic and humanitarian retrospectives of the Silk Road. Today, this road of progress and cooperation is restored in modern format.

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