28.01.2018. By 2040, all airhops in Norway will be carried out by the electric plane. The Avinor – state operator of the airports of the country will be the first to exploit completely the electric air transport.
The head of Avinor Dag Falk-Petersen is sure that electric aircraft are powerful enough to replace other aircraft on short flights. “We think that all flights lasting no more than an hour and a half can be carried out on fully electric planes”, notes Falk-Petersen. According to this, electro-liners will cover all domestic flights, as well as flights to the capitals of neighboring Scandinavian countries.
In 2025, Avinor plans to begin commercial flights on small electricplanes with seats for 19 passengers in a test mode. It is alleged that before the launch of fully electric aircraft it will be necessary to use intermediate technologies, such as biofuel and hybrid engines.
It is expected that due to the electric planes, the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere will decrease, and the expenses of the airlines will decline as well. “When we reach our goal, air travel will no longer be a problem for the climate; they will be a solution”, stressed Falk-Petersen.
It is important to note that Norway ranks first in the world in the number of electric vehicles, which once again proves that the country has great ambitions in the sphere of clean energy.


Giant picture frame has been officially opened in Dubai, claiming to become one of the world’s best sights. It has been called by the The Guardian newspaper as “the biggest picture frame on the planet”.
The structure, resembling the shape of the frame measures 150 metres high and 93 metres wide. It is located in Zabeel Park.
The two towers of the Dubai Frame are connected by a 100 square metre bridge, which is observation deck, offering amassing panoramic view. Modern part of Dubai such as Emirates Towers and Burj Khalifa can be seen on one side of the glass walkways and from the other side, the older districts of the city such as Deira, Umm Harare and Karama can be viewed.
There is a museum on the ground floor, that demonstrates the history stages of Dubai development from fishing village to world known business and cultural center.
It is expected the Dubai Frame will attract nearly two million tourists annually.


Samsung Company has once again surprised the world by patented smart clothes that can store energy for charging gadgets. The patent describes a “smart” sweater that can generate energy from the heat and movements of the wearer.
Thus, users can put the smartphone in their pocket and do their own things, and during this time the gadget will be charged from the energy generated by the owner’s movements.
The patent diagrams clearly show the sensors distributed throughout the clothing, the processor and other hardware parts. This system can clearly be applied in various types of clothing, including suits, hats, gloves and shoes.
Unlike most existing developments, clothes from Samsung can collect and store energy itself due to the heat and movements of the wearer, while most of the previous samples contain a conventional battery, which also needs to be recharged.
Since this is just a patent, there are no guarantees that we will ever see this miracle invention. However, this indicates that Samsung, at least, is studying this direction, trying to find the secret entrance to the market of “smart” clothing, which is still hidden from the eye.


Taking into account the current environmental situation in the world, architects and designers set a goal to build environmentally sustainable buildings in new territories, including water areas. Such facilities have energy autonomy and economy.
One of such complexes the Singapore start-up Blue Frontiers proposes to build in the waters of the Tahiti Island. This eco-settlement with the area of 700 square meters is designed for 300 residents, for whom all conditions for work and leisure will be created.
Project architect Burt Roffen, specializing in floating structures at the Dutch company Blue21, says that the technologies needed for floating communities will become increasingly important, especially in islands and coastal areas threatened by rising sea levels.
The project in Tahiti is scheduled to be launched in 2020.


Tis money that begets money.

A man should sell his ware at the rates of the market.

A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.

Better sell for small profits than fail in business.

Business makes a man as well as tries him.

Children are poor men’s riches.

Do business, but be not a slave to it.


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