Major shoe company sent a seller for a business trip to Africa. A week later he wrote a telegram to his manager the following words: "Take me away from here. There are no prospects. Here all of them walk barefooted! "
After some time, the company decided to make another attempt. They sent a second vendor.
"This is a great success! - he wrote enthusiastically, - Please send all that is, the market is almost unlimited! Here they all walk barefooted! "

THE MORAL: things themselves are not good or bad. What makes them such is our attitude.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

One student said:

— Master, there is a situation where I have to choose with whom to establish a new enterprise: with a friend, whom I know from childhood, or a person with whom I do business for two years successfullu?

— It depends on your expectations, - said the master. - If you want success - (student nodded), - choose a partner; if pleasure - then choose the friend.

Also this teacher is famous for his saying: "A friendship founded on business is much stronger than a business founded on friendship." Nowadays this saying is popular in the business world, underlining their continuing relevance.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

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