It is a multinational business world with a different economic level and strong religious traditions. Therefore, in Arab countries, the business ladies, as well as the spouses of our businessmen should seriously adhere to the requirements for clothing. Especially it concerns the following countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the former Socialist Republics – Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

Do not plan meetings in the holy Muslim holiday - Ramadan (the ninth month) and on the day off, on Friday.

Alcohol is prohibited, but you will always be offered strong and fragrant coffee.

Do not order or ask pork - it's insulting.

Do not flaunt the soles of your feet - it's indecent.

Three wise men sat in the shade of a large tree and enjoyed the conversation.

They argued about what is more important for a person - past, present or future.

One of them said:

─ My past makes me who I am. I can do what I have learned in the past. I like people with whom I was good before, or similar to them.

─ It's impossible to agree with this, said another, "a person makes his future." It does not matter what I know and what I can do now, I will learn what I need in the future. My actions now depend not on what I was, but on what I'm about to become. I like people different from those I knew before.

─ You've completely lost sight of it," interjected the third, "that the past and the future exist only in our thoughts." The past is no longer there. The future is not there, and regardless of whether you recall the past or dream of the future, you act only in the present.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

Negative attitude towards a new product - potatoes - was broken by a very non-standard way in France: French minister Turgot ordered to put protection around the potato fields. "Once protected, it means, valuable," thought the people, and soon the potato became one of the most popular products.

The history of the sale of Hollywood. Landowner Harvey Wilcons would never have sold his lands in Southern California if his wife had not remembered the proper name: the plots called Hollywood (that is, the holy land) had dispersed in a matter of days.

Disney at one time was the first to understand the advantages of color film. He signed an agreement and became the only producer and owner of rights of color film for several years, and became the only supplier of cartoon products.

Major shoe company sent a seller for a business trip to Africa. A week later he wrote a telegram to his manager the following words: "Take me away from here. There are no prospects. Here all of them walk barefooted! "
After some time, the company decided to make another attempt. They sent a second vendor.
"This is a great success! - he wrote enthusiastically, - Please send all that is, the market is almost unlimited! Here they all walk barefooted! "

THE MORAL: things themselves are not good or bad. What makes them such is our attitude.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

One student said:

— Master, there is a situation where I have to choose with whom to establish a new enterprise: with a friend, whom I know from childhood, or a person with whom I do business for two years successfullu?

— It depends on your expectations, - said the master. - If you want success - (student nodded), - choose a partner; if pleasure - then choose the friend.

Also this teacher is famous for his saying: "A friendship founded on business is much stronger than a business founded on friendship." Nowadays this saying is popular in the business world, underlining their continuing relevance.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

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