One day the Master asked the disciples:

– Three frogs sat on the log. One of them decided to jump into the water. How many frogs are left on the log?

– Three. One of them said uncertainly.

"Of course, three frogs," Teacher smiled. – Because the frog just decided to jump, but did not take any action for this. Never confuse an action with a decision. Sometimes it seems to you that you have already jumped, but in fact you are still sitting on a log.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

An old and very wise man once said to his friend:

— look at the room carefully in which we are now, and try to remember things of brown color.

There was a lot of brown colour in the room, and his friend quickly coped with this task.

But the wise Chinese asked him the following question:

—Now close your eyes and list all the things ... blue.

The friend was confused and indignant:

—I did not notice anything blue, because I only remember things brown on your orders!

When the wise man answered him:

—Open your eyes, look around - there are so many blue things in the room.

And that was pure truth.

Then the wise continued:

— If you are looking for things in the room only brown, and in life - only bad, then you will only see them, notice them only, and only them you will remember and participate in your life. Remember: if you are looking for something bad, then you will find it and you will never notice anything good.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

It is a multinational business world with a different economic level and strong religious traditions. Therefore, in Arab countries, the business ladies, as well as the spouses of our businessmen should seriously adhere to the requirements for clothing. Especially it concerns the following countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the former Socialist Republics – Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

Do not plan meetings in the holy Muslim holiday - Ramadan (the ninth month) and on the day off, on Friday.

Alcohol is prohibited, but you will always be offered strong and fragrant coffee.

Do not order or ask pork - it's insulting.

Do not flaunt the soles of your feet - it's indecent.

Three wise men sat in the shade of a large tree and enjoyed the conversation.

They argued about what is more important for a person - past, present or future.

One of them said:

─ My past makes me who I am. I can do what I have learned in the past. I like people with whom I was good before, or similar to them.

─ It's impossible to agree with this, said another, "a person makes his future." It does not matter what I know and what I can do now, I will learn what I need in the future. My actions now depend not on what I was, but on what I'm about to become. I like people different from those I knew before.

─ You've completely lost sight of it," interjected the third, "that the past and the future exist only in our thoughts." The past is no longer there. The future is not there, and regardless of whether you recall the past or dream of the future, you act only in the present.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

Negative attitude towards a new product - potatoes - was broken by a very non-standard way in France: French minister Turgot ordered to put protection around the potato fields. "Once protected, it means, valuable," thought the people, and soon the potato became one of the most popular products.

The history of the sale of Hollywood. Landowner Harvey Wilcons would never have sold his lands in Southern California if his wife had not remembered the proper name: the plots called Hollywood (that is, the holy land) had dispersed in a matter of days.

Disney at one time was the first to understand the advantages of color film. He signed an agreement and became the only producer and owner of rights of color film for several years, and became the only supplier of cartoon products.

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