The resolution of the President of Turkmenistan on the creation of a special land fund for agricultural purposes, adopted in September last year at the Halk Maslahaty (People's Council), provided a huge business opportunities for entrepreneurs from the private sector.
In accordance with the established procedure, Batly Gadam individual enterprise in Balkan velayat was allocated land for long-term use in the Serdar etrap for cultivation of crops included in the state order in 2019. Cultivation of raw cotton and its processing on the spot offers a huge economic benefit to the new enterprise, which was established in the city of Balkanabat in 2018.
Batly Gadam’s profile is textile. The company focuses on the production of domestic import-substituting products and goods for export, including high-quality cotton yarn and hosiery products that meet the ISO requirements. It has installed high-tech equipment purchased from major producers in Switzerland and Japan.
There are three production workshops interconnected by a single technological chain - spinning, dyeing and hosiery production. At the spinning workshop, about 13.5 tons of yarns are produced per day. The products then enter the dyeing shop, where they acquire different colors. Of these threads, which pass a special laboratory testing, about 50 thousand pairs of hosiery products are produced per day. The products are distributed in the domestic market, and surplus is exported to foreign markets.
Automated computer control systems incorporated into the plant allow operators to control the entire production process, starting from the receipt of raw materials to the release of finished products.
The company currently employs 250 specialists. It will grow to 600 once the factory reaches its full design capacity.
Batly Gadam is the youngest enterprise in the domestic textile industry in Turkmenistan. However, it takes its decisive steps towards the world market, competing with other companies in the industry.

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