21.02.2018. Ori, Boston-based startup of media laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), has developed and successfully promotes on the market robotic furniture units, which easily transform an ordinary room into the living room, bedroom, working place and closet.
One vertical side of the mobile L-shaped module combines a wardrobe, set of drawers, shelves and a folding desk.
The lower bottom part is equipped with pull-out bed. Another vertical has niche for TV set, home appliances, bookshelves and several drawers.
With such intellectual furniture that minimize the load of home interior, the room with an area of 15-20 square meters can be arranged into spacious personal and work zone, allowing to give a party as needed.
The unit is controlled by wall remote control hub or by mobile app.
The first commercial line of smart furniture by Ori is sold at US $ 10,000 to housing developers in major cities across the USA and Canada.
The designers of the company plan to develop similar solutions for bathrooms and kitchens, and create wall partitions, which can turn a one-bedroom apartment into two-bedroom and a studio.