The international Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts encouraging trends in the economic development of Asian countries in nearest two years.
While the GDP growth rate in Asian emerging and developing economies amounted to 6.4% in 2016, the January issue of World Economic Outlook Update says the growth will be at 6.5% and 6.6% in 2018-2019, respectively.
The region will still account for more than half of global growth.
The experts explain the dynamic recovery of global economy with the next cyclical rebound. Some 120 economies, accounting for three quarters of world GDP, have shown the signs of upsurge in last year. This is the broadest synchronized global growth since 2010.
The optimistic situation is observed in world trade. The growth is driven by high investment activity and increased manufacturing output in Asia. In addition, the stable demand for products of processing industry will remain in the foreseeable future.
Taking into account the forecasts of IMF, the economy of Turkmenistan will have promising prospects. So, according to outcomes of 2017, the increase in the gross value added of the industry was reasoned by the rapid growth of the manufacturing industry at 7.4%.
High production indicators were registered in such sectors as metallurgy and metal processing, mechanical engineering, petrochemistry, light industry, food and printing industry.

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