It is not a jock. Indeed, the Celestial Empire is making plans, together with the states concerned, to lay the Arctic trade routes within the framework of the “Polar Silk Road” initiative. It is stated in the White Paper on Arctic policy, first of its kind, published by the State Council of the PRC.
The purpose of this fabulous, at first sight, initiative is economic. China is ready, together with the countries of the Arctic region, to create an economic corridor between the Celestial Empire and the Old World via the Arctic Ocean.
Beijing promises to promote its companies in fulfilment of the first commercial flights, if they will participate in this project.
The White Paper emphasizes that the China is ready, together with the countries of the region, to extract hydrocarbons and other minerals in the Arctic, as well as to expand fishing and tourism, respecting the traditions, customs, culture and way of life of natives of this rough land.
Herewith, China emphasizes that will comply with environmental requirements and develop scientific research in the Arctic.
Many experts believe that due the harsh climate, the development of the wealth of the Arctic is a matter for the future. However, there is no doubt that if the Celestial Empire is involved in, the polar spaces can turn into a lively trade route very soon.

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