28.01.2018. By 2040, all airhops in Norway will be carried out by the electric plane. The Avinor – state operator of the airports of the country will be the first to exploit completely the electric air transport.
The head of Avinor Dag Falk-Petersen is sure that electric aircraft are powerful enough to replace other aircraft on short flights. “We think that all flights lasting no more than an hour and a half can be carried out on fully electric planes”, notes Falk-Petersen. According to this, electro-liners will cover all domestic flights, as well as flights to the capitals of neighboring Scandinavian countries.
In 2025, Avinor plans to begin commercial flights on small electricplanes with seats for 19 passengers in a test mode. It is alleged that before the launch of fully electric aircraft it will be necessary to use intermediate technologies, such as biofuel and hybrid engines.
It is expected that due to the electric planes, the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere will decrease, and the expenses of the airlines will decline as well. “When we reach our goal, air travel will no longer be a problem for the climate; they will be a solution”, stressed Falk-Petersen.
It is important to note that Norway ranks first in the world in the number of electric vehicles, which once again proves that the country has great ambitions in the sphere of clean energy.


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