Thirteen thousand paper bags per hour is the capacity of the automated line launched at the «Ýedydogan» plant. The company, located in the industrial zone of Ak-Budai etrap, is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality paper packaging products.
The automated full-cycle production line of the German company Gartemann & Hollmann allows monthly to produce up to two million items per month. These are one-two-and three-layer open bags. Special demand for multi-layer closed valve bags for bulk foods, building materials, agricultural fertilizers.
Depending on the requirements of the customer, products are made from micro-creped paper, with an upper white layer, with an interlayer or inner polyethylene liner, laminated and bituminized, bags with moisture-resistant layers. The production line is equipped with a machine for flexographic printing, which allows you to put on the bags any graphic design. High-strength paper Kraft bags are environmentally friendly, easily recyclable packaging.
- We will use a universal and practical material, which is paper, for the production of bags and bags, which are indispensable for packing various groups of goods: from cereals to building materials, says entrepreneur Dovran Abdurasulov. - Paper bags have a low cost, so packaging has virtually no effect on the final cost of production.

Powder detergents from natural components are produced by the business entity “Mavy asman” - a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. In the workshop, built in the Bukhdaila etap Ak Bugday of Akhal region, the businessmen installed equipment with a capacity of 1.5 tons of powder detergent per hour. The production technology is based on a combined method - using dry and liquid natural raw materials and consists of two processes: composition preparation and drying.

As a surfactant used natural soap of domestic production. The additives are water softeners, absorbents, bleaches, enzymes and flavors that do not pose a threat to human health or the environment. Thanks to the additives, the stain-removing properties of the powder are increased; the structure of the fabric is not getting out of order. The program depending on the type of product controls their dosage and selection.

The production of powder detergent for hand and automatic washing, white and colored linen, for silk and wool products has been mastered at present. Next year, the product line of the “Mavy asman” brand will be added to the universal hypoallergenic powder for baby clothes.

In order to ensure the environmental safety of domestic products, domestic entrepreneurs abandoned the use of phosphates and chlorine-containing substances. Their products are 30-40 percent cheaper than imported counterparts. Laundry detergents with the company logo come into the trade network of all the provinces of the country.

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A workshop for the production of piece glass containers will be built at the enterprise "Türkmen aýna önümleri". Its planned capacity is more than one hundred tons of products per day. The new production will produce a wide range of export-oriented products for the food and medical industries ranging in size from ten milligrams to three liters.

The modern production complex, which was commissioned on February 14 of this year, successfully demonstrates the possibilities of high technologies, laid during the construction of an industrial giant by “HORN Glass Industries AG” (Germany) and the Turkish contractor – “Tepe Turkmen Inşaat ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi”. Every day, up to two hundred tons of sheet glass and more than forty tons of piece containers come down from automated and robotic conveyor lines. The entire range is currently presented at the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan. However, the demand for the company's products is growing. The new workshop will significantly expand the product range and increase sales in the domestic and foreign markets. A tender for its construction has been announced.

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20.11.2018. «Lyalezar Zaman» Individual Enterprise in Bayramali, Mary Velayat expands the range of products. The famous producer of construction materials from polyvinyl chloride has launched the production of dishes from polypropylene, produced at the Turkmanbashi complex of oil refineries.
The individual enterprise produces plastic glasses, packages for curdled dairy and mea products as well as polypropylene film.
The high-tech equipment of «Lyalezar Zaman» Individual Enterprise that was founded in 2012 produces up to 20,000 meters of high-quality finishing materials daily. The specialists, who completed internship abroad, work for the company.
Currently, the enterprise produces more than 400 types of PVC hanging profile, plastic skirting-boards for suspended ceilings, two- and three-zone curtain rods and cable channels of various sizes.
The products manufactured by the «Lyalezar Zaman» Individual Enterprise are known not only on the domestic market, they are exported to Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey.

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The line of non-alcoholic beverages produced by the “Akdash miveichgileri” enterprise was filled with cold tea of the Lipton trademark. The drink is made in two varieties - black tea with raspberry and peach flavors.
The capacity of the production line is 45 thousand 0.5 liter plastic bottles per hour.
It is planned to launch the production of green “Lipton Ice” with the flavors of grapefruit and lemon to New Year holidays.
IE “Akdashmiveichgileri” is the exclusive distributor of “Unilever” in Turkmenistan, which owns the Lipton trademark, distributed in more than 150 countries around the world.

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